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California Vehicle Code (section 35550-35558)

The provided link above defines maximum weight restrictions in the state of California as they pertain to the hauling of freight on California Roadways. When comparing the maximum weights allowed in ocean containers, with the maximum weights allowed on California Highways, the maximum weight allowed on the California highways, is less in most cases, than the maximum weight allowed in a specific container.


High Mountain Transport LLC. Spec's their vehicles from the factory to be the lightest tractors in the Port of Oakland.  Allowing us to legally transport more cargo, by weight, than many trucks on the road today.


Charts provided are for reference only, please call for specific needs 775-342-0414




Container Size          Rear Axle          Drive Axle           Steering axle         Maximum Cargo Weight

      20'                     32,000 lbs.        32,000 lbs.            12,500 lbs.                  40,000 lbs.


20' Tri-Axle            40,000 lbs.        32,000 lbs.            12,500 lbs                   46,000 lbs


      40'                     34,000 lbs         34,000 lbs.            12,500 lbs.                  46,000 lbs.

         California Vehicle Code  click here

The purpose of the Federal bridge weight formula is to protect bridges on the Interstate System by controlling the number and spacing of truck axles. For a step by-step way to check vehicle weight and exceptions to the formula, follow link provided below.

Bridge Formulas online

Downloadable Version Bridge Formula Online.




                                  WEIGHT               PERMIT


ARIZONA                  80,000                         n/a                     34,000

CALIFORNIA            80,000                         n/a                     34,000

Colorado                    80,000                         n/a                     34,000

Idaho                          80,000                         n/a                     34,000

NEVADA                    80,000                         n/a                     34,000

OREGON                   80,000                         n/a                     34,000

UTAH                         80,000                         n/a                     34,000

WASHINGTON          80,000                     105,500                  34,000

Wyoming                    80,000                         n/a                     34,000


Overweight permits are available for special circumstances in most states, Click the state link above to check regulations in that state.


For answers to specific questions regarding information on this page,

please call us at (775)-342-0414


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