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Links provided to assorted Marine Terminals, Steamship Lines, Rail Yards, and assorted Associations

       APL   Phoenix 602-586-4800  Oakland  510-272-2082  Container Avail  888-815-3758    EQ 866-574-1372  PNW_EQ        Matson Line     800-462-8766                  Guam Group  866-662-4826                     EQ Oakland       510-271-9735 
       ANL             714-751-3333        Mol Power         800-449-7575

MSC   NY   212-764-4800                    HOU        713-681-8880

       China Shipping                        EQ 562-590-0900        NYK        888-695-7447                       equip.      888-6953266 ext 8226
         CMA-CGM                  877-556-6308          CS  757-961-2105        OOCL                   630-645-9120
       Cosco                           866-502-6726                  EQ 866-830-2550           

Pacific Int Lines    562- 961-5320

       CSAV Norasia              732-635 2600

Polynesia Line       510-839-8228
       Evergreen                     972-764-1330        Equip 510-238-4408 BensonHu@evergreen-shipping.us             tire repair PO Shipping           480-634-2343
       Fesco           206-583-0860   Safmarine              916-933-2730
       Hamburg-Sud              415-495-6300                 EQ   215-282-7225
Star Shipping         310-233-2720
       Hanjin                             866-442-6546 T.S. Lines LTD       800-249-5750
       Hapag-Lloyd                510-286-1940 Contact Info    US Lines                 866-328-2308
       Horizon Line                877-678-7447  UASC                         678-775-1900                                      Jimmy 7456  wcequipment@uasc.net                            Track and Trace    
       Hyundai   CS 877-749-8632      EQ 562-345-2000 ext 6 Per Diem 972-373-3153    Wan Hai                                           866-492-6424                                    Prob resolution      602-567-9068
       K-Line          800-609-3221 EQ SF           877-392-0569 Domestic       630-599-2300 2361 Josh Yang Ming          630-725-3999                    TireRepair amnr@us.yangming.com   

Maersk Lines  Carol 510-992-6441           Resolution 281-297-7373        CS 800-321-8807     

Zim Line               562-506-2820

Maruba Lines            562-733-3206    



PortsAmerica                       877-900-7264               877-803-4616                     Track&Trace                     

        BNSF Railroad                        800-795-2673                    Chassis Release
Maersk Sealand      510-271-1000                          CSX Railroad                        904-633-1191
Berth 58 510-238-4400          Demurrage  Fax: 801-545-3117    Carlos equip superv        510-238-4408    Kansas City Southern           816-983-1934
Eagle Marine  510-272-2888   CS 510-272-3941

Norfolk Southern Railroad   800-635-5768
Ben Nutter Marine Terminal  510-645-2400 Track and Trace

CS 480-403-3701    

Union Pacific Railroad          402-544-5000 / 402-544-9218 Bob Cust Service 800-272-8777      Don Stark 402-544-9065 ITS        Mike UP Chassis repairs        877-528-4737  opt 2
Total Terminal         510-267-3500         Track and Trace            Senior Stevedore Manager                    510-773-6979                 


Northern California and Pacific Northwest:

Mike Schulze

M&R Supervisor


Dale Tedford

Director, Equipment and M&R


Maggie Murphy

AVP, Equipment and M&R


Transbay  510-839-8228   Check Sum Calculator  Alternative Site
Trapac     877-387-2722    SCAC Code Lookup
MOL Po  562-983-6200 Export Documentation  Fax 800-530-5920 E-mail
Matson   510-446-2400 Export Documentation      602-567-2501  E-mail
Bobac CFS Co.        510-748-3730  

       provided by Gulf Winds International

     Port of Oakland   510-627-1401

     Port of Seattle  206-787-3000

     Port of Portland   503-944-7061

     Port of Tacoma  253-383-9462

American Trucking Association Transportation Security     Administration
Better Business Bureau Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facility Access Agreement
California Trucking Association US DOT
Emodal                         Useful instructions                Beverly       206-654-4690        TWIC's
Intermodal Association of North America Port of Oakland Directory

Pacific Coast Containers Customs 510-663-5000                    Office    510-433-1875                      http://www.pcclogistics.com/
Port of Oakland Oakland Port Registry         510-267-1802  Step Program https://www.oakportregistry.com/
China Shipping  houperdiem@csna.net                Fax 281-875-4829 CNS Logistics    562-229-1133  

 jamesno@cnslogistics.net  chassis issues

CMA CGM usa.detdembilling@cma-cgm.com  
Cosco              North America chi.ecd.invoices@cosco-usa.com      (repositioning, Rental & Lift Fees)
Hapag-Lloyd rnanedispute@hlag.com  
Maersk Inc. namdapol@maersk.com  
NYK Line perdiem@na.nykline.com Current UIIA Equipment Provider Addendums     rev 3/4/2016
YYang Ming EQ. TonyChiang@yml.com.tw PerDiem@ymlusa.com                Roy Tsai 201-420-5848            Ashley 630-725-3934                   Sara 630-725-3935 Current List of Equipment Providers Free Time, and Per Diem Charges              (Adobe Required)
ZIM Shipping Per Diem Evette 757-963-1252 zimperdiem@us.zim.com http://www.zim.co.il/                                 
ZIM Shipping Return Info Contacts for Interchange Suspension Matters             (Adobe Required)



Equip. Provider E-Fax E-Mail Website
Flexi-Van           562-590-7507   BACP_General@Flexi-Van.com M&ROAK 510-532-2181               Pool Office 510-986-0226                Cory 510-565-0652                          Tom 510-227-7677                          Susan 510-566-1531                       Chris 510-907-1115                          www.Flexi-Van.com Track & Trace Frontage Billing Dept for Flexi 714-690-8690
    Oakland CHASSIS Contact Sheet  
Chassis.com Registration Required Frequently Asked Ques. pwojcik@ccmpool.com http://chassis.com
TracConnect.Com   tracconnect_service@tracintermodal.com

Complete Contact List
China   chinashippingdvirquestions @csna.net http://chassis.com
Evergreen 866-637-0320 laxdrs@evergreen shipping.us Authorized Cover sheet
E-Modal Chassischeck   Beverly       206-654-4690 Chassis Check Instructions
Maersk     http://chassis.com
Matson Matson Chassis   kkrasser@matson.com   mashton@matson.com          http://www.chassischeck.com/  
Matson CCM Pool Chassis kkrasser@matson.com   mashton@matson.com    http://chassis.com
Sea Castle Chassis   DVIR Reporting Instructions http://chassis.com
IANA DVIR Reporting   admin@dvir.intermodal.org http://www.dvir-prod.intermodal.org/


Information services Help Desk 877-523-0025    


To be updated as information becomes available.

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